Posted on Monday, April 14th, 2014

Si l’art du forgeron est lié aux mystères du feu et de la transformation de la matière, l’art du tisserand, lui, est lié au mystère du rythme et de la parole créatrice se déployant dans le temps et dans l’espace.”

Terwyl dit waar is dat die ystersmid se kuns berus op die geheime van vuur en die transformasie van materie, is dié van die wewer gekoppel aan die misterie van ritme en die skeppende woord wat in tyd en ruimte ontplooi.

La parole est un fruit dont l’écorce s’appelle bavardage, la chair éloquence et le noyau bon sens.”

The word is a fruit with the peel talkativeness, the flesh eloquence, and the stone good sense.

In Bambara there’s an expression: Maa ka maaya ka ca a yere kono: “The people of a person are many in a person.” My own mother, when she wanted to meet with me on some business or other, used to first ask my wife: “Which of my child’s persons are present in him today? is it the toubab? Is it the man of religion? Or is it my son? If my wife answered, “its your son,” she would come in to see me without further ado to tell me what she wanted. If my wife said: “It’s the man of God,” my mother would only come and make some humble suggestions. But if my wife should say, “It’s the toubab,” my mother would leave without even bothering to try and see me.”

toubab is the white man.)

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